The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in the well-known German Henschel-Verlag. Editors Claudia Blank and Winrich Meiszies are responsible for the Munich and the Düsseldorf theatre museums. Further contributions were made by renowned theatre researchers and museum practioners as well as German Shakespeare-experts. The publication focuses on Hamlet on the German stage in the 17th and 18th century as well as on extraordinary actors like Gustaf Gründgens, Fritz Kortner or Ulrich Wildgruber of the last century. A pictorial theatre history accompanied by an extended commentary pictures details of German theatre history.

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H.E.T – Hamlet.Europe.Transfer

H.E.T – Hamlet.Europe.Transfer is an international network of institutions and individuals dedicated to research, documentation and exhibitions of theatre phenomena. No other play, no other character is that much identified with theatre as Shakespeare’s Hamlet is. In its performing tradition theatre and cultural as well as world history are reflected. Nearly everyone is familiar with the famous quote “To be or not to be” that conjures up the image of Hamlet holding Yorick’s skull. With the creation of Hamlet Shakespeare has depicted the problem of the individual confronted with his environment. “Hamlet” is one of the dramatic characters all great actors dream of. The drama about the Danish prince is still part of the repertoire of world theatre. Continue reading H.E.T – Hamlet.Europe.Transfer